Domare O

O’Connor Joyce, Irland

Jag belönades med min första utmärkelse ”Green Star” 1976 på tax. I hela mitt liv har jag varit engagerad i hundar. Min mormor hade Airdales/Lakelands och Sealyhams, så där kommer mitt terrier intresse ifrån. Jag har också tilldelats ”Green Star” för Airdales 1978. I över 40 år höll min mor på med tax och jag visade fram många till sina titlar. Själv har jag ägt, fött upp och ställt ut Bichon Frisé samt Dvärg Schnauzer under ett antal år.

Joyce O’Connor, Irland

I have been involved in Dogs all of my life. My Grandmother started everything – she had Airdale, Lakeland and Sealyham Terriers. My mother was also involved owning and breeding Dachshunds for over fifty years. As a child I handled both the Terriers and the Dachshunds.
Over the years I have owned, bred and exhibited Airedales, Dachshunds, Toy Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers and Bichon Frise.

I first awarded Green Stars in 1976 [Dachshunds] and 1978 Airedales.
Over the past 30 years I have judged all breeds in Group 3 Terrier. Unde the Irish Kennel Club system I have judged all breeds in Toy & Utility Groups [Group 9} all Hounds {Groups 4, 6 and 10} part of the Working/Pastoral Groups [FCI 1 & 2] and some Gundogs {Groups 7 & 8}.

I judged my first All Breed Ch. Best in Show in 1994.


Started in pedigree dogs in 1953. He has bred more than 100 English, Irish and Foreign Champions under the ”Blackdale” prefix. Most of these were terriers. He has however successfully bred Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors. Wolfhounds, Basset Hounds, Beagles, Pugs, Bulldogs, Shetland Sheepdogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers and many of the Terrier breeds. He now specialises in Wire Haired Fox Terriers. He still continues to show these and has won Best in Show at Crufts 8 times with 8 different exhibits. His kennels have produced top winning dogs in many countries and is regarded as one of the worlds most famous.

Began judging in 1961 and became an all breeds judge in 1971. He now judges all breeds, all groups and Best in Show throughout the world. He is also an FCI approved all breeds judge. He has judged major canine events in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina, Austria, Estonia, Uruguay, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Canada, Taiwan, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, England and Ireland. He has also judged the World Show and Crufts on a number of occasions.


Ogden Howard

Mest känd världen över för sina Beauview Griffoner men också en Engelsk Kennel Club domare för 19 ”Toy breeds” och för gruppen. När han bara 28 år gammal dömde på Crufts var han den yngsta domaren någonsin att döma på Crufts. Han har också dömt Griffonspecialer i England, Belgien, Nya Zealand, Australien och Ryssland med flera länder. Till yrket är Howard Ogden försvarsadvokat

Ohlsson Joakim, Sweden

Being born into a animal loving family, dogs has always being a part of my life. My father bred scottish terriers so by this I did in early age attend dog shows. I have specialised in and bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Chinese Cresteds (Kennel Hackensack), being top breeder of Cavaliers for 13 year in a row and multiwinning dogs to the kennels credit. In 2018 I had a spectacular year with my co owned Griffon Bruxellois male CH Manticorns Enrico who was 2nd in the Toy Group at Crufts and finished the year as one of Sweden’s top dogs. I also judges breeds in FCI Groups 1,2,3,5 and almost the whole group 8. I have judged across the world from Scandinavia to the USA, Australia and Russia.

Ohlsson Joakim


Kennelnamn Hackensack
Född år 1962
Yrke Ekonom
Auktoriserad exteriördomare år 2002
Dömer följande raser
9 Companion and Toy Dogs
1 Bearded Collie
1 Shetland Sheepdog
1 Welsh Corgi Cardigan
1 Welsh Corgi Pembroke
2 Affenpinscher
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black and silver
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper and salt
2 Miniature Schnauzer, White
2 Schnauzer, Black
2 Schnauzer, Pepper and salt
3 Australian Terrier
3 Border Terrier
3 Cairn Terrier
3 Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
3 Jack Russell Terrier
5 Swedish Vallhund
8 American Cocker Spaniel
8 Clumber Spaniel
8 Curly Coated Retriever
8 English Cocker Spaniel
8 English Springer Spaniel
8 Field Spaniel
8 Flat coated retriever
8 Golden Retriever
8 Labrador Retriever
8 Nova Scotia duck tolling Retriever
8 Portuguese water dog (Cão de agua português)
8 Romagna water dog (Lagotto romagnolo)
8 Welsh springer spaniel
Har haft hund sedan Uppvuxen med skotsk terrier. Cavalier king charles spaniel sedan 1989, chinese crested sedan 1990
Egna raser Cavalier king charles spaniel
Språkkunskaper Engelska
Har dömt i följande länder
Har/har haft uppfödning av följande raser Cavalier king charles spaniel, kinesisk nakenhund
Har/har haft avelshundar av följande raser Cavalier king charles spaniel, kinesisk nakenhund
Egna framgångsrika hundar Top Cavalier 1992 – 1993, 1995, 1999 – 2006
Årets uppfödare cavalier 1999 – 2006
Certrekordhållare på cavalier:
IntUCh NordUCh SV-00 KBHV-01 WW-03 Hackensack Razzle-Dazzle
Top Kineser 1991 + 1992
Övriga intressen Trädgårdsarbete

Okkola Tuire, Finland

Jag föder upp Staffordshire bull, släthårig fox. Mitt kennenamn ärl Jaramillos 1979-2006, 2007 – Rennam Jag blev domare 1999 och började döma Staffordshire bull samt american staffordshire.
Nu dömer jag Alla raser i grupp 3 samt grupp 9 Cavalier king charles spaniel, chihuahua, lång- o korthårig, king charles spaniel. Papillon, phalene, pudel, shih tzu, tibetansk terrier, russkiy toy.
Mest dömer jag terrier. Jag har dömt i Finland, Frankrike, Sverige, Norge, Estland och Ryssland.

Staffordshire bull har funnits i mitt liv sedan 1965 och släthårig fox sedan 1984. Jag har fött upp staffordshire i över 30 år. Först under kennelnamnet Jaramillos 1979 – 2006, tillsammans med min mor. Det resulterade i över 50 internationella champion (C.I.B) och från 2007 både staffordshire och släthårig fox under kennelnamnet Rennam, vilket hade varit min brors foxterrierkennel mellan 1991-2006. Jag har varit ordförande i Finska staffordshire bullterrierklubben i tillsammans över 20 år. (1988-1995 & 1998 -).

Tuire Okkola, Finland

Tuire Okkola has experience as a breeder, handler, dog club official and judge. She is a long-time breeder of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Smooth Fox Terriers. She started already very young and had SBTs since 1965 and breeding  Staffords together with her mother under prefix Jaramillos (1979-2006) over 50 International Champions. Later she continued alone under prefix Rennam (2007-). She is the President of The Finnish Terrier Organisation and was for over 25 years the President of The Finnish Staffordshire Bull  Terrier  Club and has been board member  in many other breed clubs as well. She has been awarded the Golden medal of Finnish Kennel Club 2004. She became a judge in 1999 and qualified to judge all breeds 2016. She has had the pleasure besides Finland to judge around Europe and Australia.


Oliviera Rui I started my dog activity in 1975 showing my fathers Pointers. Since then I’ve been a consistent exhibitor and breeder. I became a judge in 1983. Nowadays I’m an F.C.I. allrounder judge. I’ve judged in almost every country in Europe as well as Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Argentina, Colombia, Equador, México, Chile, Japan, Canada, China, Thailand, Indonésia and Kenya.

I’m also approved by the KC to award CCs in Pointers, Cocker Spaniels and West Highland and White Terriers, Labradors, Bull Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Daschunds, Irish Setters, Shih Tzu and G.S. Pointers.

I’ve judged in that country The Pointer Club Champ Show, The Southern Pointer Club Ch Sh, Leeds Ch Sh, Birmingham National Ch. Sh, The Cocker Club of Scotland Ch Sh, Bath Ch Sh, City of Birmingham Ch Sh, Richmond Ch Sh, Welsh KC Ch Sh, Blackpool Ch Sh and Gundog Breeds of Scotland Ch Sh.

Major FCI events includes the World Winner show in Brussels 1999 (Am Cocker Spanniels), Helsinky Euro Winner Show (Standard and Toy Poodles, Aust Terriers, Spanish Water Dogs, Best of Group 7), Zagreb Euro Winner Show (Shih Tzu and Bull Terriers), Dublin Euro Winner Show 2009, Lewarden Euro Winner Show 2011, Bratislava World Winner Show 2009, Slovenia Euro Winner Show 2010, Hernig World Winner Show 2010 and Paris World Winner Show 2011, Budapest World Winner Show 2013 and Euro Winners Show 2013. Also appointed for World Winner Shows 2014 and 2016. Hound group judge at World Winner Show in Budapest 2013 and apointed to judge Pointers at Crufts 2016.

Still active as a breeder producing Pointer champions at home and abroad.

Oliveira Rui, Portugal

International F.C.I. judge since 1983. Breed specialist: pointer, affix: do Vale Carvoeiro
Country judging appointement
Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Danemark, Russia, Estonia, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
World Dog show in Belgium Bruxelles in 1995 European Dog Show in Finland Helsinki 2006.
Appointed to judge in the FCI Groups as follow:
Group 2: Rafaeiro do Alentejo, Cao da Serra d’Estrela, Russian terrier
Group 3: Complete
Group 4: Complete
Group 5: American Akita, Akita Inu, Samoyed, Sibirian Husky
Group 6: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Group 7: Complete
Group 8: Complete
Group 9: Complete
Group 10: Afghan, Saluki, Whippet, Borzoi, Deerhound


Olsson Carina 

Foto Bo Skalin

Kennelnamn Skogsråa’s
Född år 1964
Yrke Skiftkontaktoperatör
Auktoriserad exteriördomare år 2006
Dömer följande raser
4 Dachshunds
6 Alpine Dachsbracke
6 Bavarian mountain scenthound
6 Drever
6 Hanoverian Scenthound
Har haft hund sedan 1972
Egna raser Tax, drever, engelsk setter, labrador retriever, flat coated retriever, hannoveransk viltspårhund, jämthund
Har dömt i följande länder Sverige
Har/har haft uppfödning av följande raser Tax, engelsk setter, hannoveransk viltspårhund, jämthund
Har/har haft avelshundar av följande raser Tax, engelsk setter, hannoveransk viltspårhund
Egna framgångsrika hundar SJ(d)Ch,S&NU(d)Ch,INTU(d)Ch Campilios Prima (Tax)
S&NU(vd)Ch,INTU(vd)Ch,SV-99 Skogsråa’s Fixa (Tax)
SJ(d)Ch,S&N&DKU(d)Ch Skogsråa’s Ragata (Tax)
INTU(v)Ch,NORDU(v)Ch Skogsråa’s Qvittra (Tax)
SVCH,S&N&FINU(kov)Ch,INTU(v)Ch Skogsråa’s Unik (Tax)
MultiCh, SV-03,NV-04,NV-06 Dualis Gobi (Tax)
Skogsråa’s Aktaion (Engelsk Setter)
MultiCh, SV-04-05,NV-02,03,04 Silva-T (HS)
SVCH,SUCH,NUCH,FINUCH, NORDV-06, SV-06 Skogsråa’s Yaga (HS)
Waltras Besta (Jämthund)
BIS-vinnare på special samt ett antal svenska champions
Övriga intressen Jakt, skytte, musik, motorsport, blommor

Onstenk-Schenk Ilona (NL)

My parents already had a well-known Boxerkennel before I was born. Thus I grew up with Boxers and as a child I accompanied my parents to all the dogshows in Europe. My mother and I bred many Boxerlitters with very good results. My late husband owned Dobermanns and black Miniature Schnauzers, so when we got married, we owned 1 Dobermann and 2 Boxers.

My first judge-exam was for Boxers. I am now approved to judge all breeds in FCI-Group 1 and 2 and some breeds in Group 3,5 and 9. I’ve judged in nearly every European country and in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Israel , Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru , South –Africa and U.S.A.( including several World Winner Shows and European Winner Shows). I judge about 35 times a year with great pleasure.

In the last 25 years I was a committee member of the Dutch Judges Club. Now I am an honorary member. I am looking forward to judge at this very important World-Dogshow.


Oo Hock  Tan

Mr. TAN Oo Hock is a prominent business man in Malaysia. With his family, he has spent almost his entire life in the world of  pedigree dogs. Since 1977, he has been involved in the breeding and exhibition of Boxers, Standard Smooth Dachshund,   Doberman, German Shepherd Dog, Miniature Pincer, Poodle, (Miniature and Toy varieties) Pug, Rottweiler and has specialized  in the GSD and PUG breeds for 30years. First licensed to judge in 1983, Mr. TAN Oo Hock was elevated to All Breeds status
in 1996 and has to date officiated at more then one hundred shows in the following countries; Australia, Canada, China,
India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, and Taiwan. Honored in 1995 to be invited as the first Asian Judge to officiate at the German Shepherd Dog
Specialty held in Sydney Australia, he was again sort after for the same event in year 2000 and again for the GSD Specialty
held in Brisbane Australia in 2001. In addition, he has officiated at specialty events for Boxer, Doberman, Golden
Retriever, Miniature Pincer, Pomeranian, Pug and Rottweiler breeds. In a twenty year span of service to the Malaysian
Kennel Association, Mr. TAN Oo Hock has served as President, Vice president, and for various sub committees. As a former
Director of the Asian Kennel Union, he was elected as a standing committee member in 2002.


Opara Janusz (PL)

I was born into a doggy family with the Pekingese ruling the household. They were my first dogs and constant companions during my childhood. I did focus on this fabulous breed as a matter of course and bred the Pekingese exclusively under my own kennel name LIWANG for over 20 years. My long pampered dream of breeding Basenjis came true in 1991 when I finally managed to import the very first Basenji into Poland from a world famous Horsleys Kennels of Jayne Wilson Stringer. Basenjis have been my main interest as breeder ever since. I have bred 18 litters over last 25 years; some of the Basenjis I bred had truly spectacular show careers, some were just successful show dogs, but my real pride and joy is they all were of good type & had reliable temperaments.

My first concern has always been the well-being of my dogs and no show success can compare to the pride & joy of seeing all my puppies growing up and growing old with their loving & caring families. My never vanishing interest in dogs pushed me into owning & breeding several other breeds on a small scale over the years. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels & Whippets have lived with us & our Basenjis in turns, bringing us a lot of joy & a unique experience of daily hands-on sessions.

I got my first license to judge the Pekingese and some other toy breeds; then progressed for hounds and finally, after 25 years, I completed my all breed status in 2005. I have been Chairman of the Toy Breeds Club of Poland over last 25 years. I am Chairman of the Judges Commission of the Polish Kennel Club.


Orre Charlotte

En kort presentation av Charlotte, eller ”Chottis” som vi är vana att kalla henne. För er som inte vet var Chottis med och grundade lokalområdet Stor-Stockholm/SSLO. Nu återvänder Chottis till sina gamla trakter som exteriördomare.
Sin exteriördomarauktorisation fick Chottis 2010 då hon var klar med de raser som ingick i hennes grundutbildning, vilket är samtliga av SSPKs raser. Efter att ha dömt samtliga raser samt innehaft auktorisationen minst ett år kan sedan vidareutbildning ske på fler raser. Naturligt för Chottis var då att ansöka om vidareutbildning på riesenschnauzer, vilket vår klubb samt SBK biföll. Efter examination på My Dog i januari i år är då Chottis även är auktoriserad att döma riesenschnauzer.
Snabbt skickade klubben då en inbjudan till Chottis att döma vid rasspecialen i Botkyrka!
Chottis är uppvuxen med hund och så småningom införskaffades den första riesenschnauzern. Denna följdes senare av ”Guinness”, Hassan Hills Hugo Boss, som meriterades högt både exteriört och arbetsmässigt. Efter en tid föddes några riesenkullar med kennelnamnet Chottans. Så småningom tog dvärgschnauzer över och idag har Chottis både svart/silver och vit dvärgschnauzer.

Till vardags driver Chottis ett trim, håller trimkurser samt handlerkurser.
Presentationen skriven av Brith Andersson

Charlotte Orre
Jag bor i Växjö och min uppfödarbana startade 1997. Jag har fött upp Riesenschnauzer, Dvärgpinscher och nu föder jag upp Dvärgschnauzer svart/silver samt vit under prefixet CHOTTANS.
Det har blivit ett 70 tal Champions, ett flera titelvinnare och 7 världs vinnare.
Hundar från min kennel exporteras runt hela världen.
Jag är en aktiv utställare och jobbar som hundtrimmare.
Min domarutbildning blev klar 2010 och har idag 10 godkända raser som Affenpinscher, alla schnauzer varianterna, dvärg pinscher och pinscher.

Charlotte Orre


Kennelnamn Chottans
Född år 1967
Yrke Egen företagare, trimmare
Auktoriserad exteriördomare år 2010
Dömer följande raser
2 Affenpinscher
2 Danish-Swedish Farmdog
2 German Pinscher
2 Giant Schnauzer, Black
2 Giant Schnauzer, Pepper and salt
2 Miniature Pinscher
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black and silver
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper and salt
2 Miniature Schnauzer, White
2 Schnauzer, Black
2 Schnauzer, Pepper and salt
9 Russian Toy, Longhaired
9 Russian Toy, Smooth-haired
9 Tibetan Terrier
Har haft hund sedan Hela mitt liv
Egna raser Dvärgschnauzer sv/si och vit
Språkkunskaper Engelska
Har dömt i följande länder Sverige
Har/har haft uppfödning av följande raser Riesenschnauzer (s), dvärgschnauzer alla färger, s/s mest, dvärgpinscher
Har/har haft avelshundar av följande raser Riesenschnauzer (s), dvärgschnauzer s, v, p/s, s/s, dvärgpinscher
Egna framgångsrika hundar WW-03 WW-08 Multi Ch
Chottans Sound of Music
WW-06 Multi Ch
Chottans In Your Dreams
WJW-06 Chottans Vicktory Dream
WJW-08 Chottans Happy Dreams
WJW-08 Chottans Go Gorgeous
Chottans Unconditional Love
Multi Ch Chottans Tamook
Övriga intressen Djur, natur, antikviteter, resa

O´Shea Gerard

Charmfull irländare som bott i Sverige ganska många år nu. Är kanske mest förknippad med rottweiler, men dömer en hel del raser och är en mycket uppskattad instruktör i ”handling”.


Ostrovskaya Marina (RU)

All breeds judge.

More than thirty years breeder of the  borzois, owner of kenel ”Solovyev”. Many dogs of nursery have titles of World champions, Europe, winners of Crufts.

Sculptor, member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Sculptures are in the main museums of Russia, in private collections in many countries of the World.


Ottesen Jean, Norge

Bor på ”Sommerøya” – Stord i Sunnhordland. Utdannet lærer. Gift med fire barn og bestemor til fem. Interessen for hund begynte som 10 åring i England. Onkel hadde oppdrett av Whippet. Hadde selv Border Collie helt til jeg kom til Norge i slutten av 60 årene. Anskaffet meg Border Collie igjen etter yngste barna var begynt på skolen. Da ble det fart på hundeliv – livet begynner etter man fyller 40 år! Har vært innom agility, coarsing (med Whippet), retrieverjakt, bruks, gjeting, utstilling, teaterdressur og lydighet. Var formann i den lokale hundeklubb (Fitjar-Stord HK) i to perioder. Har vært lydighetsinstruktør i snart 20 år. Lydighetsdommer i 15 år. Med på landslaget 2 ganger. 2 lydighetschampioner – 1 border collie og 1 golden retriever (også NUCH). Har 2 golden gutter nå. Trives veldig i det norske hundemiljøet


Ottewell June, England

Har fött upp Bull terrier under kennelnamnet Yungwood sedan 1975 med stor framgång, bl a har några blivit finsk, svensk, irländsk amerikansk, australisk eller internationell champions. Några exporterade hundar har även lyckats bra. Har dömt Bull terrier sedan 1982 och miniatyr bull terrier sedan 1995 i flera europeiska länder. Kommer att döma på National Terrier och Windsor i år. Arbetar även som instruktör för domarelever.

Pablaka Inese, Latvia