DNA tester färger, kombo

tillbaka till welsh corgi cardigan

Det blir mycket billigare om man tar hela färgkombon 

A locus agouti, Ay/at means that the dog is carrier of both fawn/sable (Ay) and black&tan (at)  
B locus brun  
D locus dilotion  
E locus pink, yellow  
I locus a genetic variant that can be causative for the dilution of yellow pigment onlySo dogs with genotype i/i have a lighter coat colour on their yellow pigmented areas. Black is not affected by that. I/I means that this dog does not carry this variant.  
K locus brindle, It also depends on the genotype at the K-Locus if  the A-Locus colour is expressed or not. Only dogs with the genotype ky/ky on the K-Locus show the a-locus colour (which would be sable in this case).  
M locus merle  
S locus S-Locus, which stands for piebald white or ”pied”.  N/N means that the dog is no carrier of it.